This is sqlcockpit's downloadpage

You can download sqlcockpit source distribution for free and under the GPL - licence using the links below. This page only contains brief installation instructions. Please read the install page of sqlcockpit carefully, it will help you get it running.

Source distribution (requires perl and some perl modules)
Either download the most up-to-date release from sourceforge Go to download page
For the most up to date version use the CVS repository

Browse the CVS repository

or download nightly cvs tree tar - ball


Note: Under windows sqlcockpit can now be installed with an install shield wizard, thanks to another Sourceforge-project, -spoon-installer. Install perl (ActiveState recommended), go online and run sqlcockpit_install_<version>.exe. This script has an automatic module installer. If sqlcockpit does not start after running the installer: Go online, start a shell (e.g.DOS-box), cd c:\Programs\sqlcockpit or where you have installed sqlcockpit and run 'perl'. This should fix the problem. If you still get a message like 'can't find module xxx in @INC, you have to install the module by hand, see the install page of sqlcockpit.

Installation notes are bundled with the distribution. For a quick installation guide see below. The big part of the installation is to install the prerequisites (perl and some perl modules). The small part is to install sqlcockpit itself, it is nothing more than to:

After installing,


I plan to make binary distributions from time to time for some popular operating systems (Linux and Windows), but there are still unsolved problems, sorry. Binary means that there will be something like an executeable, and that you won't need to install any prerequisites.


No binary distributions yet, sorry. Maybe one could help me creating one?

Linux and Unix Perhaps someone could contribute it using perl2exe or a similar tool?
Windows (Win95 or better) Will (hopefully) be released soon, stay tuned! But there are still unsolved problems with DBI.