This is an installation guid for sqlcockpit

Quick overview:

You are there! Start the software, register on a voluntary basis, consider to help the project by paying some money to the author (if you think it is worth doing so, but if not, you may consider to delete it anyway), tell friends and have fun!

More detailed installation guide:


How to install perl modules with a non precompiled perl (usually on *nix systems)

For a detailed description, please visit To install modules using the CPAN module by hand, [become the superuser], go online and type: perl -MCPAN -eshell in your favorite shell. NOTE: The CPAN module only works if you have a C-compiler environment. You might also run into problems if you have installed a precompiled perl. In this case tell the installer-script not to install the modules for you, you have to install them by hand.
If you are using the CPAN-module for the first time, you will have to answer a few questions before you can start. Then you get a CPAN> prompt, where you can install your modules:
CPAN>install Tk
CPAN>install DBI
CPAN>install DBD::mysql
CPAN>install GD
CPAN>install GD::Text, etc, etc

How to install perl modules with a non precompiled perl (usually on *nix systems)

To install modules under Windows and ActiveState-perl-port by hand, [become the superuser], go online and type ppm.bat or ppm3.bat in your favorite shell. You get a ppm> prompt, where you can install your modules:
ppm>install Tk
ppm>install DBI
ppm>install DBD-mysql
ppm>install GD
ppm>install GD-Text, etc, etc For more information, type 'help' at the ppm prompt or consult the documentation provided with the ActiveState's perl or visit


A list of required modules comes with your distribution of sqlcockpit in the file 'modlist.txt'. A few modules are bundled with sqlcockpit and not available on CPAN. These can be found in the ./lib subdirectory.

[optional-module in square brackets]
You need Tk and Tk related modules for the grafical user interface (GUI):
Tk, Tk::TableMatrix, Tk::TableMatrix::Spreadsheet, [Tk::JPEG], [Tk::PNG]
You need DBI (DataBaseInterface) and DBD::* (DataBaseDriver's) to access a RDBMS.
DBI, DBD::<YourDriver>, [Bundle::PlRPC]
Storable is a module which allows to store program internal databases to disk (for options and the program text)
The GD related modules allow to you to make charts and plots (together with Tk::JPEG and Tk::PNG you can view these formats within sqlcockpit)
GD, GD::Text, GD::Graph
The Win32::OLE modules allow access to Excel (read and write excel-files directly, if installed) [Win32::OLE, Win32::OLE::Const]

Note: If you want to access your RDBMS (Relational Database Managaement System or simply your database), you have to install one or more database drivers. These drivers all have names like DBD::mysql, DBD::Sybase, DBD::Oracle, etc. Klick the link for a complete list of supported. databases engines. Note also that you will need the client libraries of the respective database engine. E.g. you will need to install the mysql - client libraries coming with mysql before you can install DBD::mysql. If you install a precompiled version of DBD::mysql, you can install the client libraries later, too. But you can't access a mysql-database-server without it.