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View and manipulate data in spreadsheet like tables
with multiple buffers opened.
A lot of menus and submenus are available.
Special feature: Very powerful colum related post filtering of data sets!
(21 kB)
LOG window with an automatic logging facility
and a lot of helpfull messages,
which might help you in a variety of ways! (13 kB)
SQL editor with table and colum names
and an extended context menu for each table.
Allows semi automatic creation of SQL-statements
and editing by means of a few mouse clicks.
Automatic syntax checker. (14 kB)
Plot your data directly from within this application!
Here an example of a png-image created this way. (17 kB)
Example for a dataplot
You can edit a lot of details
(like colors, chart types, ticks, etc, etc
in your image with this integrated option menu
interactively and directly. (6 kB)
Example for a dataplot